And the natural beauty of the city of Medan, North Sumatra, would have no doubt. This time we will walk around the sights of Medan and North Sumatra. Tourist attractions in Medan any kah? Here's his review.

1. Lake Toba
tobaTempat lake tour in the first field is Lake Toba. Name of the volcanic lake largest and most comprehensive in the world is up to foreign countries. The lake was formed due to volcanic eruptions are very large. The eruption formed a large crater and over time will be filled with water.

Lake Toba is one of nature's flagship and most popular in North Sumatra. Lake Toba has a clear blue waters, with green mountains around it, and the cool air. In the middle of Lake Toba there is a small island called Pulau Samosir, covering some 647 square kilometers.

To enjoy the beauty of the lake, you can get around using bicycles that can be rented. Roving along the lake, activities were really fun. Another activity that can be done during a visit to Lake Toba include water sports, swimming, and hired a boat for cruising the lake. Oh, yes, for those of you who want to stay longer on Lake Toba, may hire or hotel accommodation available around this exotic tourist object. Address: Parapat, North Sumatra.

2. Adhi Maha Vihara Maitreya
Maha Vihara Adhi MaitreyaObyek religious tourist can visit when vacation to Medan is Adhi Maha Vihara Maitreya. Another name for these attractions are Vihara Cemara Asri. Yes, people call it that because of the location of the monastery is located in Pine Asri housing complex.

Coming to the Buddhist religious places of worship, it is not necessary to pay or for free. But keep in mind to keep quiet. The atmosphere of the monastery is so quiet, peaceful, beautiful, neat. This monastery is the largest in Indonesia and stands in an area of ​​4.5 hectares.

Inside the monastery there are 3 holy statue, the statue of Buddha, Judge Bao, and Dewi Kwan Im. Activities to do here other than for Buddhist worship is taking photos, because the location is beautiful and attractive as an object.

Address: Jalan Cemara North Boulevard No. 8.

3. Maimun palace

One of the icons of the city of Medan and the heritage buildings of the Royal Deli is Maimun Palace. Bright yellow building (color typical Malay) is standing right in the middle of the city.

When visiting Maimun Palace we will find the Royal Deli historical heritage, the throne of the sultan, the sultan's photographs, as well as a collection of other historic objects. Maimun Palace admission ticket for Rp 8.000, - per person with open sights schedule starting at 08:00 to 17:00.

Address: Jalan Brig Katamso, Medan.

4. Samosir island

Samosir Island Lake Toba become one and indivisible by the island in the middle of the lake. Unspoiled natural charm of the island of Samosir become the main attraction of the natural attractions of this one. The island has a height of 1000 meters above sea level.

What the hell is on the island of Samosir? Here we can learn the history of Batak, there is also clothes, accessories, up to the Batak traditional fabrics which are sold to tourists / general. A place that must be visited when holidaying in Samosir is Tuktuk. Tuktuk is a place of contact between the two islands of Sumatra Samosir da.

If we of Parapat, can ride the ferry to reach it. The best way to enjoy the natural panorama of exotic Samosir is roaming the green hills, gazing at the clear blue lake views. Address: Samosir.

4. Waterfalls Telaga Sibolangit
Waterfalls Ponds SibolangitBagi you who love nature, this place is not to be missed. His name Waterfalls Telaga Dwi Warna Sibolangit Sibolangit or Waterfall. If reached from the city of Medan, it took 2 hours drive.

Sibolangit is mountainous with the air of a fresh and natural beauty are very exotic. Waterfall in the forest and articles. As the name implies, this waterfall does have two colors: white for hot and blue for cold water. If you are in Sibolangit and wants to reach the waterfall location, can travel for 3 hours. Oh, yes, if you like camping, can be done here as well you know. Fun is not it?

Address: Durin Sirugun, district. Sibolangit, Deli Serdang.

6. Parks Cross Spiritual Love
Parks Spiritual Cross KasihMonumen cross-shaped is built on Dolok Siatas Barita. The purpose of the monument is to commemorate the service and dedication of Dr. Ludwig Ingwer Nommensen which is a missionary from northern Germany. It was he who brought Christian teachings in Batak, so that people freed from backwardness civilization and animism.

At the top of this Dolok, Nommensen once he was killed by citizens of Batak, who was performing the ritual worship Simbaon Siatas Barita (nature spirits). Ritual leader asks followers to kill. But Nommensen refused and said the nature spirits are spirits of demons.

Admission tickets Cross of Love of Rp 2.000, - per person. This cross 30 meters high and decorated with lights, so the monument that stands in Kaki Bukit Siatas Barita it can be seen clearly from Tarutung. Any that is in the Cross Spiritual Love? There is a House of Prayer (to pray) that is small, seating is usually used for meetings with a capacity of 600 people, and others.

Address: Bukit Siatas Banta, Tarutung.

7. Tarutung
North Tapanuli TarutungIbukota city is a center of religious tourism in the area of ​​North Sumatra. Tarutung with the cold and the breathtaking natural beauty, has several interesting sights, such as soda water baths named Aek Rara Tarutung.

Please note that the baths are only two in the world, the other in Venezuela. Furthermore, there Sijaba Huta Ginjang, one of the natural park in North Sumatra and overlooking Lake Toba, also Parks Cross Spiritual Love.

Address: North Tapanuli.

8. Nias Island
Islands-NiasTempat dalah travel in the next field Nias island. The island is famous for stone jumping activities and world class surfing. The island also has natural beauty to captivate. The young people on Nias Island can easily conquer the rock wall with a height of 2 meters. It is a popular attraction on the island of Nias. And for those of you who want to watch can visit the village Bawomatauo.

Traditional stone jumping born because of the habits of people who like war between the villages. While the war to watch dance performances by costumed dancers traditional headdress in the form of feathers have bright colors can be seen in the two villages, the Village Hilisimae and Bawatomataluo. Other activities that can be done is choppy surf on the beach is great and challenging.

Nias island located in the western part of Sumatra, precisely in the Indian Ocean. In addition to some of the activities that have been discussed above, we also can visit the Nias Heritage Museum, which has a collection of cultural objects Nias community some 6,500 pieces. Nias Island Tourism also had a famous name to overseas, just like Lake Toba.

9. Sipiso-piso
Sipiso-pisoObyek Another famous natural attraction is Sipiso-piso. Magnets of this waterfall is located so close to Mount Sipiso-piso, high waterfalls up to 120 meters.

In addition, we can watch the beautiful natural scenery of Lake Toba on the location of the waterfall. If you want to enjoy the waterfalls from below, you should be winding down the 1000 stairs first.

Address: Tongging village, Karo District.

10. Bukit Lawang

Bukit Lawang tourist location is always crowded with tourists. If traveling from the city of Medan, we will spend 3 hours to get here. Sights that this one is perfect for those of you who like to explore the woods and see wildlife directly. B

ukit Lawang is a kind of tropical forests at the entrance of Gunung Leuser National Park. Another activity that can be done is in Bukit Lawang cake dalah trekking and rafting.

Address: District Bohorok, Langkat.

11. Niagara Sigura-Gura
Niagara Sigura-guraAir highest waterfall in Indonesia with the sound of water that can be heard from far away and flow of the rapids. Reaches a height of 250 meters and is located close to Lake Toba. Have a cool weather and refreshing.

Some of the usual activities here are camping, rafting, take a photo with a background in the beauty of the waterfall, and so forth. Address: Toba Samosir regency.

12. Santa Graha Maria Annai Velangkanni
Santa Graha Maria Annai VelangkanniSalah of the tourist attractions in Medan famous spiritual. Church Catholics who have a unique shape, similar to a Hindu temple. This church was originally built for Tamil Catholics in the city of Medan, but in the long run is also open to the public.

Velangkanni Annai (Mother Velangkanni) was built with the purpose as an offering to the Virgin Mary has been seen in coastal areas Velangkanni, Tamil Nadu, India 17th century. Besides praying, here are many visitors who took the time to take pictures. Another angle of this spiritual tourist spot is the Chapel of Mary commonly used to pray to the Virgin Mary.

Address: Jalan Tanjung Selamat No.7-10 Sakura III, district of Medan Tuntungan.

13. Taman Alam Lumbini
Taman_LumbiniObyek nature with this cool air can be visited without having to pay for a ticket. Its location at the foot of Mount Sibayak, has a unique form of the highest pagoda in Indonesia. Pagoda is a replica Shwedago Myanmar Pagoda.

Characteristic of existing in Buddhist stupa which reaches 46.8 meters with a length of 69 meters. Here there are 2,500 Buddha statues with yellow paint gold. Roving this location would be very nice.

Address: Village Tongkoh, District Dolat Rakyat, Brastagi, Karo.

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14. Faith Park Dairi
Faith Park travel DairiTaman this is a kind of spiritual tourism. Motto Indonesia namely Bhinekka Tunggal Ika, though different fixed one, this is what meyatukan difference. Buoyed by the fifth place of religious worship (corresponding amount recognized religions in Indonesia) in a container named Faith Park in the Dairi.

If you want to visit, from the city of Medan we need a travel time for 5 hours at a distance of 154 km. Address: Bukit Sitinjo, Dairi.

15. Huta Siallagan
Huta SiallaganKetika visited tourist sites as this one, can you watch the view of a row of houses and sopo Bolon. The uniqueness lies in their parsidangan stone, that stone mengintari row seats stone table. The layout of the rock in the middle of the village, under trees belonging Hariara sacred tree. Stone parsidangan situated in two locations.

First under the trees, and arranged in a neat circle that is used as a meeting place. The seats are reserved for the king, the queen, the elders, the king of huta neighbors, as well as smart people (owners mysticism). Second, parsidangan stone to the place of execution. Actually, the same as the first parsidangan stone, but coupled with a large stone long to lay the defendants to be beheaded.

16. Museum TB Silalahi
SilalahiTempat Museum Attraction TB in the next field there Silahi TB Museum. When we visited this museum, we will be invited to know Batak culture more closely. Its location near Lake Toba, no wonder that the natural scenery is so beautiful.

The museum has three floors, with modern interior design gorga clad carving. On the 2nd and 3rd floors, you can watch the panorama of Lake Toba and regional landscape Balige so obvious.

Address: Jalan Batu 88 Balige Fence, North Sumatra.

17. Sibolangit Nature Reserve
Nature Reserves SibolangitHiruk bustle of Medan sometimes make tired. If this happens to you, try to vacation Nature Reserve and articles that still has a beautiful atmosphere and fresh. To get the location of the tour if the city of Medan, a distance of about 40 km. Vehicle ride takes about 1 hour.

Sights that this one is quite a recommendation for lovers of nature. The cool air into tranquilizing the mind at the same time relieving tired of all sorts of activities that have been undertaken. Sibolangit nature reserve is also one example of attractions for mengkkampanyekan go green because the heat of the earth due to global warming.

Address: District of Sibolangit, Deli Serdang.

18. Hillpark Sibolangit
Hillpark SibolangitNah, for those of you who are looking for the right tour for baby, come to Hillpark Sibolangit. It is a playground with a variety of exciting rides. Fit to be a family tourist destination.

A wide assortment of games that can be enjoyed in this place, ranging from roller coaster rides that are part of the extreme until kora-kora and the rainbow is a favorite of visitors are worth to try. Not only that, many other rides can be enjoyed by children and parents. Hillpark Sibolangit complete enough to be a holiday destination with the family.

Address: Green Hill City.

19. Niagara Promise
Niagara JanjiKeindahan nature of Lake Toba is not in doubt. No wonder that his name is so well known to foreign tourists. When vacation to Lake Toba, this tour is not only of interest to visit. But a tourist attraction on the lake shore is also no less beautiful, one of which is Niagara Promise.

Tourist attractions in Medan this one being one of the beautiful places to visit. The scenery is beautiful and the air is cool enough to be the reason why the visitors will continue to return to this place. In addition to a place that is not far from Lake Toba, Waterfall janjipun never empty of visitors.

Address: District Bakti Raja, Humbang Hasundutan.

20. Sipinsur
SipinsurObyek famous tourist Humbang, one of which is Sipinsur. Standing on an area of ​​2 hectares with a height of about 1,213 meters above sea level, has a beautiful view.

One of them is the panoramic view of Lake Toba and Samosir Island. Under Sipinsur location also looked Sibandang Island and the town of Muara. The visitors will see the natural beauty from the sea, hills and mountains at the same time as can be seen from a height. This is what makes travel sipinsur become a family favorite tourist to visit. Not only that, a lot of travel to be a place for photography for photographers reliably.

21. Lake Lau Kawar
Lau Lake KawarBanyak volcano whose status is still active in this archipelago, there are about 100 pieces. One volcano had erupted and casualties are Sinabung. But behind it all, close to Volcano Sinabung there is a lake that is so alluring natural charm named Lake Lau Kawar.

The lake has a natural beauty that background mountains with shade trees have become a tourist must-visit list. This right is also often used for camping, ideal for family vacations and camping with friends.

Address: Gugung Kuta village, Simpang four, Karo.

Padang tower Tele Samosir
22. Tele SamosirUntuk Padang tower to enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba and Samosir Island indeed can be performed from various locations. One is from Padang Tele Tower Samosir.

It has been the most fit to see all the beauty of the Samosir island. Its location at an altitude plus another tower's tiered make anyone who sees the beauty of the Samosir island from this place will be amazed. Especially at sunset, will add to the view that an unusually good. The beauty of Lake Toba and Samosir island will be illustrated by the tower tele samosir this field.

23. Pandan beach
Turkish PandanWisata Pandan Beach has waves that rolled blue with soft sand. Travel beaches become one of the favorite tourist sites for everyone. Indonesia is an archipelago, it's no wonder that has many beautiful beaches and interesting place to visit. One of them is this Pandan Beach.

View are quite beautiful membuar the visitors will feel at home beralama-old and back again to enjoy the beauty of the sea is quite fascinating. Surely this beach will be very interesting to jarikan surfing surfers.

24. Thermal Baths Lau Sidebuk
Hot Water Lau SidebukPemandian a bath of hot water containing sulfur and many have a pool. Believed to cure various kinds of skin problems. Hot Water Lau Douluh Sidebuk located in the village, 3 minutes from Penatapan.

Tourist attractions in Medan this one is quite well known, many of the visitors who repeatedly come to this place even to therapies sulfur soak in a pool of water. Not only that, it also presents a fairly typical food field appetite.

25. Gundaling
GundalingBukit Gundaling has a natural beauty that is not less fascinating to Bukit Lawang and Mount Sibayak. It was included in the natural attractions on the outskirts of Brastagi. One of the favorite activities to do while on vacation here is to witness firsthand the beauty of sunrises and sunsets.

To achieve Gundaling, can use public transport or private. The distance traveled from the city of Medan to the tourist attraction is approximately 60 km. Gundaling hill is not only crowded by domestic tourists, you know. But also visited by many foreign tourists.
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