The Role Of The title, description and tag On Youtube You - Hello YouTubers hopefully still in a healthy state and still with his work. On this occasion I want to discuss a little bit about the role or function of a Title, Description Tag / Meta tags that exist on your Youtube video. Title, Description and Tags are an important part of the video that we uploaded, why? due to 3 things that mutual relation. Suppose Example as following;
  • Title : Love Lost in Take One
  • Description : This video shows the story of a man who had a long courtship and decided to test how faithful lover whether by asking her to tempt her lover. The plans run smoothly, Likewise, even betrayed my best friend.
  • Tag :betrayal, loyalty, friendship, love
Role of Title
The title is the most important part when we upload the video, because the video upload without untitled, Youtube will not read the contents of the video that you upload. Titles are made must also be the same as the content of the video, because it can determine the video was worth it or not to stay on youtube. it also can be made in addition to video viewers you attract. make the title interesting so that people who read them will be interested in the video that we uploaded.

 Role of Description 
 Description of a sentence written and describes the contents of the videos we have uploaded. because the audience could be attracted by the description of the video that we created continuously watch our videos but there are also spectators to see first video we continue due to lack of understanding or curious about the descriptions that we make sure also to read it. 

 Role of Tag / Meta Tag 
Using the tag on our Youtube Upload is an advantage to be the keywords that appear when people search for a vide, so you can be more famous video.
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